Vaporeon is made of waterEdit

Yeah, yeah. We probably ALL know that. But think, if Vaporeon were made of water, couldn't you ingest them while they're in their liquid stage? Without knowing they were there, of course, then, what if, while inside of your body, they changed back into Vaporeon? Would they be able to? Would they die? Would you die? I'm guessing either yes, yes, and yes, or no, yes, and no. Because, if they didn't change back, it would just be like ingesting regular water, right? They would still die, but no one would know except, prehaps, the family & friends of the Vaporeon. And think, either by a complete accident, or if Silph Co. / whoever's running this sick show now, wanted another water source, couldn't you be killing a Vaporeon every time you drink from the tap or a river/stream in the forest?

Interesting to think about, isn't it?

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